Home School Umbrella Program

The purpose of the Home School Umbrella Program is to assist Christian families in complying with their personal convictions concerning home education. A prerequisite of the HCA program is that each family have a strong Christian conviction that instructing their children at home is a calling from God.

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What We Expect from Families

  • Active involvement in a local Bible-believing church.
  • 1/4 payment of regular tuition plus purchasing PACEs and Score Keys or an acceptable alternative curriculum.
  • That at least one parent complete the School of Tomorrow monitor training under school supervision. (We strongly encourage both parents to take it.) The training involves completing 1 PACE and companion manual.
  • At any time should the Home School cease to exist, all manuals, score keys and usable learning materials be returned to HCA for 1/2 original price credit. (Students would need to reapply to be admitted to HCA.)
  • Parents will keep accurate attendance and academic records and submit these each quarter before the last day of the HCA quarter.
  • Parents will submit the daily school schedule to HCA and monthly or quarterly bring by the student's work for review. All of the student's completed work (or appropriate grades and samples of student's work) should be returned to school before the last day of each quarter.
  • Student academics will equal or surpass that reasonably attained in public or private schooling.

What We Offer to Families

  • Students will be enrolled in HCA's Home School Program. If anyone asks about their home school, they can say, "I'm enrolled at Hope Christian Academy, my principal is Mrs. Terrell, and my mom and dad monitor my work at home."
  • Professional transcripts or diploma can be customized with the home school name. School staff may assist in a home school graduation or award ceremony. Home school students do not graduate from Hope Christian Academy.
  • Home school teacher training with materials for both parents free.
  • All curriculum and materials supplied through the school.
  • Master grading records kept at school, computer generated academic transcripts and reports.
  • National achievement tests administered yearly.
  • Diagnostic tests administered at the onset of home school program.
  • Students may attend chapels, field trips, or entire skill classes (choir, band, physical education, art, etc.) by appointment through the principal.
  • Parents will be notified of new A.C.E. curriculum and learning techniques.
  • Procedure and academic questions answered by phone (4:00 - 4:45 p.m.)
  • At least one yearly principal visit, offering professional consultation.
  • Students may participate in extra social activities, sports or student conventions by registering through the principal. A participation fee may be necessary.
  • PACEs may be purchased at cost.


Registration is now open for the 2024-2025 school year!

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Hope Christian Academy accepts students without regard to race, color, sex, or national or ethnic origin who are willing to abide by its principles and objectives.