IMG_8968 (1)Academically, HCA teaches individually and in groups, meeting students' needs and challenging capable students to study more and learn more. Students learn in classes through certified teachers' instruction. They learn individually by listening, watching and responding to computer instruction. They learn by reading, writing and scoring in colorful, character-building curriculum. HCA uses the best in all-Christian curriculum. Individualized publishers include Accelerated Christian Education, Alpha Omega, and Ignitia. Group/Class curriculum comes from proven leaders in the Christian School community like Association of Christian Schools International, Bob Jones Press, and A Beka.

Although the individualized approach and concentrated academic environment offered in many areas at HCA often helps challenged or distracted students concentrate and achieve more than in other settings, it also allows gifted students to excel more. Many recent HCA graduates have achieved high academic scores on college entrance exams - even to the 99th percentile nationally!

Class Information

IMG_9992-1Although students register and maintain their grade level distinctiveness, individualized learning allows students from various academic abilities and age levels to work in learning centers together. From these learning centers, groups and classes can be formed as needed and/or feasible.

For instance, most students work best on most core curriculum individually. Exceptions that HCA staff have found have been high school Algebra, Geometry, Chemistry and elementary hand writing and creative writing. These subjects are offered as classes and students have the choice of joining the class or taking them individually.

Further, some classes are difficult to teach and learn individually. Hence HCA students take art, physical education, computer keyboarding, music, foreign language, and pre-calculus in groups of similar level students.

Hope Christian Academy staff are always looking for the best, most feasible method to help students learn. Our goal is to help students to take responsibility for their own learning.

Courses Offered

IMG_9959Below are the classes most offered and taken by students at Hope Christian Academy. Additional classes are available through electronic offerings or HCA's partner on-line school, Ignitia Christian School Curriculum.

Hope Christian Academy has partnered with SevenStar to provide a multitude of SevenStar-teacher assisted internet classes at every level. To view the catalog and sample curriculum, go to An additional course fee of $500 applies.


  • English (phonetic approach)
  • Computer Keyboarding
  • Science
  • Music
  • Creative Dramatics
  • Physical Education
  • Art
  • Animal Science
  • Mathematics
  • Social Studies
  • Bible Reading
  • Word Building (spelling)
  • Creative Writing
  • Literature
  • Speed & Comprehension Reading

High School


  • Literature I & II
  • English I
  • English II
  • English III
  • English IV


  • Algebra I
  • Geometry
  • Algebra II
  • Advanced Math
  • Business Math
  • Consumer Math


  • Biology
  • Physical Science
  • Chemistry
  • Physics

Social Studies

  • Minnesota Studies
  • World History
  • World Geography
  • American History
  • Civics
  • Economics


  • Spanish I & II
  • French I
  • Greek
  • Art I & II
  • General Business
  • Accounting
  • College Planner
  • Typing
  • Microsoft Office Literacy
  • Constitution
  • Drivers Training
  • Speech
  • Music
  • Teacher/Monitor Training


  • Old Testament Survey
  • New Testament Survey
  • New Testament Church
  • Life of Christ
  • Christian Growth
  • Introduction to Missions
  • Christian Living
  • Applied Theology


  • Health
  • Physical Education
  • Computer Literacy
  • Keyboarding


Registration is now open for the 2024-2025 school year!

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Hope Christian Academy accepts students without regard to race, color, sex, or national or ethnic origin who are willing to abide by its principles and objectives.